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Helping You Write, Publish and Market Your “Expert” Book

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An “Expert” Book Is One That You Are Happy To Give to Prospective Clients

My name is Alan Stransman, and I am the founder of Expert Book Creation Dot Com.


If you are unfamiliar with the term “expert book”, let me take a moment to explain what it means.

An “expert” book is one which establishes you – the author – as an expert in your field.

So, if you are a real estate agent, a life coach, a financial advisor, a dog trainer,  a butcher – in other words, if you have developed a body of knowledge in virtually any field of endeavor whatsoever – you can write and publish a book expressing the unique body of knowledge that you have developed and by doing so, you will position yourself as an expert in your field.

Books, by their very nature, confer credibility, authority and “expert” status upon their author.

We tend to regard people who have written a book as having greater “expertise” than others in the same field who have not written a book.


An “Expert” Book is a Marketing Tool

The key concept with respect to an “expert” book is that an “expert” book is, first and foremost, a marketing tool.

An “expert” book is not only a marketing tool, it is an extremely powerful one – what other form of marketing has the power to engage the interest and attention of a prospective customer or client for several hours?

A book can do that.

Which is why you want to hand it to as many prospective customers and clients as you can.


Five Defining Characteristics of an “Expert” Book.

Let’s review the key points regarding an “expert” book:

  • an “expert” book is one which is written by a business professional with the primary purpose of establishing him or herself as an “expert”
  • An “expert” book confers credibility, authority and “expert status” upon its author
  • An “expert” book can attract new clients and generate revenue for a business owner or entrepreneur without a single copy of it ever being sold
  • an “expert” book differentiates its author from competitors in the marketplace who do not have an “expert” book
  • an “expert” book is, first and foremost, a marketing tool and its value is measured not in book sales but in terms of the amount of business and the number of leads it generates
  • an “expert” book provides members of the media both online and offline with a reason to interview you


The Ultimate Business Card

Think of an  ”expert” book as the “ultimate business card” because it can be handed to a prospective customer or client instead of a business card.

People toss business cards in the trash all the time.

When was the last time you saw someone toss a book into the trash?


I Can Help You Write, Publish and Market Your “Expert” Book

Through my company, Expert Book Creation I provide writing, publishing and marketing services to business professionals who would like to have a book to market themselves or their business but who do not have the time and/or the inclination to write the book themselves.

I have written and published a number of books including two memoirs, as well as my own “expert” book, entitled, “Why Every Speaker, Coach, Consultant, Trainer and Entrepreneur Should Have an ‘Expert’ Book”.

A revised version of this book is available in the Kindle marketplace with the title, “Why Anybody in Any Business Should Have a Book” – but the PDF version is a FREE download on the right side of the page you are on right now.

I can help you at every stage in the process of writing, publishing and marketing your “expert” book.

Think of me as a ghostwriter, writing coach, publisher and virtual assistant all in one.


Download My FREE Expert Book On The Top Right-Hand Side of This Page!

As I stated above, on the top right-hand side of the page you are on right now, you will see an opt-in form for the FREE download of my expert book.

Just fill in your email address and download the FREE PDF.

My FREE expert book explains my approach to writing, publishing and marketing an expert book. If you are looking for a ghostwriter for your expert book, reading my book will give you a good idea of my skill set as a writer.


What Other Business Professionals Have Said About My “Expert” Book

The following are just a few of the comments that I have received from business professionals who have read my book, “Why Every Speaker, Coach, Consultant, Trainer and Entrepreneur Should Have an ‘Expert’ Book”.


Alan has written a compelling report, making an extremely smart case to all of us who are in the field as a speaker, writer, consultant, coach or entrepreneur about writing our own ‘expert’ book. Writing an ‘expert’ book can change the course of your business, your work and open up doors to opportunities that were just not there before. I know what I need to do next, thanks to Alan’s brilliant advice.

Farnoosh Brock, Business Coach at Prolific Living

Hi, Alan. That’s a great ebook. Thank you and congratulations. I think it’s also a great source of motivation to get the courage to start writing, keep oneself one step ahead, learning continuously and inspiring others to succeed. Thank you!

Alejandro Delobelle, Coach at  The Zensitive Group

I loved your book. It gave great insight into the process of preparing, writing and publishing a book quickly and easily. And the ideas to use your book for promotion and marketing are fabulous.

Sharon Kaibel

I just wanted to take a moment and compliment you on writing a GREAT ebook. I had the opportunity to read it today and I absolutely loved it.

Larry Williams, Speaker and Author of “Customer Service A to Z“.

Just finished reading your book. Really enjoyed it, a great read. I will share it with other like-mined people.

Lucas Remmerswaal


If your “expert” book engages your reader and motivates him or her to share it with others who may benefit from the services you offer, it has done its job!


Expert Book Creation Offers “Done-For-You” and Coaching  Services

There are many writing and self-publishing programs available on the internet which coach you through the process of writing and publishing a book.

I can coach you through the process of writing a book – but I can also ghostwrite your book for you – how much I do is entirely up to you.

If you have been planning to write a book for some time but have just not gotten around to doing it – by hiring me to write your “expert” book, you ensure that your “expert” book gets done – usually within 120-150 days and often less.

 And it will be your book – you own it and have all the rights in it.


The Three Core Skills of a Ghostwriter

One of the questions that I am most often asked by prospective clients is: “How do you write a book for someone else?”

Most people are unfamiliar with the ghostwriting process and think of it as mostly a writing function.

It is not – it is mostly an interviewing process – or, if you already have a lot of content in the form of blog posts, articles and speeches, it is an editing function.

My background is broadcast television production, and in a career of over 20 years, I wrote, produced and directed a great many documentary and informational programs and series.

There are three core skills required in the ghostwriting process, all of which are common to the process of creating a documentary or informational television program:

  • the ability to shape content into a cohesive whole – the first step in the process is for me to create a chapter-by-chapter outline of your book
  •  the ability to extract the information required for you book through interviews with you that are recorded and transcribed
  •  the ability to write your book based upon the information gather via telephone interviews and other materials which might be provided (i.e. articles, blog posts, podcasts, other books, etc.)


Writing is Only Part of the Process

Writing is only one part of the process. The ability to create a concept or vision for your book and to extract the information required to flesh out that vision are equally important.
For a more in-depth discussion of the three core skills of a ghostwriter, click the link below to my interview with business coach Matt deYoung:

My Interview with Matt deYoung


What Does It Cost To Have an “Expert” Book Created for Me?

An “expert” book can take a number of different shapes, sizes and formats.

I outline a number of different formats for an “expert” book in the blog post entitled, The Many Ways to Create an Expert Book.

However, whether you are a service provider who has a solution to your clients’ most vexing problem, which can be set out in a step-by-step process, OR you have achieved outstanding success in your chosen field and wish to write what is called a “Captain of Industry” business book in which you reveal the secrets of your success,  your book will likely have the following dimensions:

  • 15,000-25,000 words in length
  • 10-12 chapters
  • 150 pages or less

My fee for creating an “expert” book – whether I am interviewing, writing, re-writing, designing the cover or interior – in other words, if I am engaged in any aspect of writing, publishing or marketing your “expert” book is $75/hour.

If your “expert” book is in the 150-200 page range, it will likely require between 150-200 hours of my time and cost between $11,250-$15,000.

There are a number of “expert” book formats which can be done in far less time, and would cost a great deal less.


How to Contact Me: 

The first step in the processs is a FREE consultation, either by telephone or Skype, to discuss your book project.

Contact me by telephone at:  416-519-4427 or

Email me at:

Connect with me on Skype at: AlanStransman


Don’t Forget to Download the FREE PDF on the Top Right of This Page!


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